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all industries from corrosion

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We offer corrosion protection solutions using volatile corrosion inhibitor technology. 

At the beginning we were mainly addressing the automotive industry, today our field of action covers the expectations of the Oil & Gas, energy, defense, marine, electronics


The industrial problems of our customers are the starting point of our research.
What sets us apart in this market is our commitment to research and development of innovative solutions. Our laboratories are located in the United States, Germany and China.
Environmental considerations are historically integrated into the process.


For many years now, several awards and distinctions have rewarded our eco-innovation and R&D approach:
EVOLEN 2017 Innovation Award for the efficiency of our solutions in Oil&Gas.
The PSA Supplier Award for the efficiency of our solutions in the automotive and transcontinental transport of equipment. 
The Best Supplier Award NTN-SNR Pro for our ability to support the implementation of innovative solutions for the protection of precision metal parts.
The German packaging award in 2021 for our ICB solution, a new intelligent active principle and a decisive advance in protection against corrosion.
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Our Expertise

VCI Diffusers

A proven answer to the protection of electrical, electronic and control equipment.
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VCI Bubble FilmVCI Bubble Wrap

ZERUST® bubble wrap provides dual protection: mechanical and corrosion.

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Stretch film

ZERUST® films are available in a wide range of formats, flat or slit roll films and flat or gusseted sleeves.
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Skin pack films

The ZERUST skin pack film is used to insulate one or more parts on a ZERUST adapted board.
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Shrink films

ZERUST® Stretch or Shrink films offer a wide range of anti-corrosion packaging possibilities perfectly adapted to the part.
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Covers and bags

ZERUST® and Gardac® gusseted bags and covers can be used alone or inside a case.
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Reusable crates

ZERUST® reusable crates can be used to provide a shuttle system of packaging and protection.
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ZERUST® UNICO foam provides both mechanical and corrosion protection. If required, UNICO formats also act as a diffuser.
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Paper and cardboard

The advantages of ZERUST® applied to paper or cardboard give ZERUST® EXCOR® ABRIGO® optimized properties.
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Twin-Wall Sheets

ZERUST® polypropylene honeycomb sheets are reusable packaging that can be used to replace cardboard inserts.
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VALENO® Campo®

Zerust® Valeno® Campo® film is used to protect parts or machines during transportation and temporary storage.
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Our support solutions

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Our support to help you develop an suitable anti-corrosion solutions

On-site or in laboratory, we, VCI experts, implement a methodology that takes into account your sector of activity, your specificities and your environment to offer you adapted solutions.

Our support in the field

An effective response to your problem requires our total commitment.
Our experts come directly to your site:
- Methodical analysis of your needs and process audit
- Consulting in packaging engineering
- Testing under industrial conditions

Our research and application centers

We have two R&D laboratories in the United States, one in Europe and one in Asia. These entities are dedicated to the development and design of new solutions and products, but are also centers of technical expertise dedicated to our customers to address their corrosion protection issues. Led by specialized PhD and engineers, our centers bring together skills in metallurgy, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and packaging engineering, which systematically analyze the performance and limitations of our solutions.
- Research into new VCI inhibitors and diffusion media
- Tests of climatic variations in enclosures
- Compatibility research with process liquids
- Surface analysis of parts
- Research into the causes of corrosion

Complete analyses to combat the risks of corrosion

Pollutants and residues (solid or fluid, aqueous, purely organic deposits) on metal objects can make any corrosion protection ineffective and have a corrosive effect themselves. In our laboratories, we identify, analyze and evaluate all the residues present using high-tech analysis techniques:
- Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
- High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
- Ion chromatography (IC)
- Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
- Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)

Evaluation of production processes and media used

Finding the ideal corrosion control solutions requires a precise knowledge of the user's specific strategy. It is therefore important to evaluate the entire production process. This includes the inspection of all treatment media used for mechanical treatment, washing and protection of parts or equipment. In this respect, we recommend that all aspects of the transport, transshipment and storage processes be taken into account.

Conditioning tests

In our in-house climate chambers, we subject our customers' samples to climatic conditions according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-30. We are able to test complete pallets (up to 16 m³ in volume) under a variety of different conditions. This allows us to reproduce a complete transport cycle in a short time. Our experts evaluate the results and adapt the solution if necessary.

Complications of mechanical stress

Another factor influencing corrosion protection is the mechanical strength of the packaging. In addition to regular material testing, each application can be subjected to simulations of severe mechanical stress during transport, including drop, impact and vibration tests in accordance with national and international standards.
Labo Excor

The support of a global federation

In today's world, trade is globalized.
Our global coverage through the Zerust®-Excor® International Federation provides worldwide response capabilities with the support of 400 VCI and corrosion experts in over 60 countries. This system allows us to act quickly on a global scale, performing inspections, shipping test samples and investigating damage.
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