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Use Zerust® AxxaVisTM HST-10 powder to treat water and deactivate chlorides. Add product to water to make it suitable for hydrostatic test processes conducted on pressure vessels such as pipes, heat exchangers, storage tanks and ship voids.


Zerust® AxxaVisTM HST-10 powder additive deactivates ionic contaminants found in water sources that cause rust and hard water deposits on metals.
AxxaVisTM HST-10 is a highly effective way to protect the interior surfaces of pressure vessels from corrosion that can rapidly form during and after hydrostatic-testing. Designed for use on ferrous metals. Not compatible with aluminum. Test before use on copper, brass or zinc.
AxxaVisTM HST-10 is designed to be safe, convenient to use and environmentally friendly. Used product can be analyzed for quality and in some cases reused. Disposing of spent Zerust® AxxaVisTM HST-10 working fluid into soil may be an option in your area. Check with your Zerust®/ Excor® representative for an operating guide with information on reuse and disposal. Always check local, state and national regulations before disposal.

Avantages ZERUST® AxxaVisTM HST-10

• Deactivates ionic contaminants
• Facilitates use of hard water
• Prevents rust and scale
• Can be tested for quality and reused • Safe and non-hazardous*
*Safe to use and handle. Product is not hazardous for people or the environment according to EU (CLP) or OSHA HazCom 2012 (US GHS).

Applications Types

Pressure vessels such as pipelines can be filled during leak testing with water treated by AxxaVisTM HST-10 to prevent rust and scale caused by ionic contaminants.

Nous innovons constamment pour protéger toutes les industries contre la corrosion avec ZERUST® AxxaVisTM HST-10

Extrait de la fiche technique ZERUST® AxxaVisTM HST-10

Product information : Zerust® AxxaVisTM HST-10 is a water-soluble white, granular powder additive.
Dosage : 11,5 kgs (25 lbs) treats 570 – 2270 l (or 150 – 600 gal) depending on water quality. Used product may be tested for quality and reused. Check with your Zerust® representative on guidelines for reuse.
Storage : Store tightly sealed in original packaging in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight for up to 1 year from the date of shipment.

Caractéristiques principales
Le film Zerust® Valeno® Campo® est à base de polyéthylène et est composé de 3 couches. La face extérieure blanche fait barrière aux UV. La face intérieure jaune contient les molécules VCI qui y sont intégrées.

Recevoir la fiche technique ZERUST® AxxaVisTM HST-10 complète