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Zerust® AxxaCoat 90

Zerust® AxxaCoatTM 90 is a corrosion preventative coating ideal for the protection of metal parts and assemblies. Use for long-term outdoor protection and in challenging overseas shipping applications where a durable yet removable coating is needed.

Zerust® AxxaCoat 90

AxxaCoatTM 90 is a durable corrosion protection coating that can withstand minor nicks and abrasions. The coating has limited self-healing above temperatures of 38°C (100°F). When dry, AxxaCoatTM 90 forms a firm film, and with its color allows user to see where it has been applied.
AxxaCoatTM 90 is excellent for the protection of metals against the elements of unsheltered shipping applications and for long-term outdoor protection. The coating provides excellent indoor protection for metals during shutdown and storage. Use to protect machinery, spare parts and other metal assets from corrosion during shipping or stored long-term indoors and outdoors.

Avantages Zerust® AxxaCoat 90

•Effective corrosion protection where traditional anti-corrosion methods cannot be used
•Easy to apply, economical to use
•Suitable for new equipment, painted surfaces and to protect the reliability of existing equipment
•Limited self-healing at tempera- tures above 38°C (100°F)

Applications Types

Application Example :
Large military machinery is coated with AxxaCoatTM 90 to protect against corrosion during storage and/or during operation.
AxxaCoatTM 90 can be applied to machinery that are transported on the open deck of cargo ships. The coating protects metals against salt, humidity and other causes of corrosion and can be removed upon arrival.

Nous innovons constamment pour protéger toutes les industries contre la corrosion avec Zerust® AxxaCoat 90

Extrait de la fiche technique Zerust® AxxaCoat 90

PRODUCT INFO : Solvent cutback, wax-based, general purpose corrosion preventive compound.
APPLICATION : Apply via immersion, brush, or spray Application temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F) Dry to touch time: 3 hrs at 25°C (77°F) <75% RH Dry time/full cure: 24 hrs
REMOVAL : Remove with kerosene or similar petroleum solvent or hot > 39°C (120°F) alkaline cleaner. Prior to painting, cleaned surfaces must be wiped with solvent.

Caractéristiques principales
Le film Zerust® Valeno® Campo® est à base de polyéthylène et est composé de 3 couches. La face extérieure blanche fait barrière aux UV. La face intérieure jaune contient les molécules VCI qui y sont intégrées.

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