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Take advantage of our expert support to help you develop effective anti-corrosion strategies.

Take advantage of our expert support to help you develop effective anti-corrosion strategies. This strategy, implemented throughout the entire life cycle of your products, will enable you to optimize your supply chain costs.

On-site or in the laboratory, we VCI experts develop a methodology that takes into account your industry, your specificities and your environment to offer you suitable solutions.

Our presence in the field

Our solutions require systematic support on the ground:
- Methodical need analysis and process audit
- Packaging engineering consulting
- Testing in industrial conditions

Our European Research and Applications Centre

Our European Research and Application Centre in Dresden, Germany, brings together expertise in metallurgy, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and packaging engineering. Our laboratory systematically analyzes the performance and limitations of our solutions.

Our research and development focuses on:

• The search for new VCI inhibitors and diffusion media
• Tests of climatic variations in enclosures
• Searching for compatibility with liquids process
• Surface analysis of parts
• The search for the causes of corrosion
This work is carried out by specialized doctors and engineers. We guarantee the compliance and quality of our research.

A commitment to quality

For 20 years, we have been developing innovative solutions and products to effectively combat corrosion. This drive for growth, innovation and continuous improvement is certified ISO 9001 by an independent body. We strive for excellence to ensure your best efficiency and timely.

Support for a global federation

In today’s world, trade is globalized.

Our global coverage through the Zerust-Excor International Federation offers intervention opportunities around the world with the support of 400 VCI and corrosion experts in more than 60 countries. This system allows us to act quickly globally, conducting inspections, shipping test samples and investigating damage.

Our support services

To create the conditions for effective corrosion protection, we offer a tailor-made support service:

• Evaluation of production processes and media used
• Analysis of the surfaces of the parts to be protected
• Tracking the causes of corrosion-inducing surface residues
• Analysis of all media and cleaners used
• Tips to avoid corrosion-inducing residues
• Development of packaging that meets customer requirements
• Packaging testing via climate simulations
• Application training (on your premises, at our seminars or training workshops)

Evaluation of production processes and media used

Finding the ideal corrosion control solutions requires accurate knowledge of the user’s specific situation. It is therefore important to evaluate the entire production process. This includes the inspection of all processing materials used for mechanical processing, cleaning and conservation of the subject goods. In this regard, we recommend that all aspects of transportation, transshipment and storage processes be taken into account.

Comprehensive analyses to combat corrosion risks

Dirt and residue on metal objects can render any anti-corrosion protection ineffective and have a corrosive effect themselves. Poorly applied, even VCI anti-corrosion protection reaches its limits, making professional analysis of the precise nature of the residue all the more important.

Whether fluid, watery-organic, purely organic or in the form of solid deposits on metal surfaces, we identify, analyze and evaluate all residues present using high-tech, combative analytical techniques. risk of corrosion.
During these investigations, our internal laboratory can use different equipment and techniques:
• Gas phase pyro-chromatography (GCMS)
• High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
• Ion Chromatography (IC)
• Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
• Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

The importance of developing packaging protection

In addition to the effectiveness of their corrosion protection, VCI packaging must also be simple to use, durable, easy to remove and economical. Our engineers design solutions accordingly and ensure that these solutions are optimally integrated into your existing processes. Whether for single- or multiple-use packaging, indoors or outdoors, our engineers adapt each of these solutions to the product in question, the method of sending or storing, the climatic conditions and the required protection time.

Personalising your custom packaging

For new and existing packaging in our range, we offer additional customization options. Depending on the solutions you choose you can add colors and a specific print, more transparency, protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD), effective protection of hot parts and resistance properties. defined mechanics. Most of these options can be combined.

Enhanced protection for specific metals

In addition to our standard multi-metal protection systems, we also offer corrosion inhibitors whose formulation is adapted to specific metals or alloys to enhance the effectiveness of corrosion protection.

Conditioning tests

In our internal climate chambers, we submit our clients’ samples to climatic conditions according to DIN EN CEI 60068-2-30 standards. We are able to test complete pallets (up to 16 m3 in volume) in a wide variety of different conditions. We reproduce a complete cycle of transport in a short time. Our experts evaluate the results obtained and adapt the solution if necessary.

Complications of mechanical constraints

The mechanical durability of packaging is another factor influencing corrosion protection. In addition to regular material testing, each production is subjected to simulations of significant mechanical stresses during transport, including fall, shock and oscillation tests in accordance with national standards and International..