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VCI Applications

We deploy multi-disciplinary VCI expertise to address your corrosion problems.

We establish short, medium and long-term strategies to combat oxidation with an accompaniment tailored to your needs and specifications.

We operate in 8 major industrial sectors:

• Energy
• Car
• Navy
• Machinery
• Equipment
• Electronics
• Oil and gas
• Defence
Our expertise is based on our feedback and our ability to develop high-performance solutions.

The eclecticism of our applications and the efficiency of our solutions allow us to accompany you worldwide and intervene in each of your critical phases of your supply chain.

On-site or in our research laboratories, we mobilize all the necessary means to respond quickly to your corrosion problems, regardless of your sector of activity, the complexity of your project or your environment.

Do you have a specific issue to submit to us?

Automotive and equipment

We are present in many automotive groups but also in automotive parts suppliers. We have received several awards and distinctions, such as the PSA Group Supplier Award or the NTN-SNR PRO Trophy, which reward the quality of our support and solutions.

Our experts are scientists specializing in VCI anti-corrosion solutions and particulate cleanliness. They advise you to optimize your costs, waste, packaging, storage, shipping and re-machining of your metal parts. Our technical team works with you to determine the best corrosion protection solution.

Oil and gas

We have a specialized department dedicated to the corrosion protection needs of the oil and gas industry. Our Zerust Oil and Gas technologies have been successfully applied in refineries, oil rigs, pipelines and storage fleets around the world.

By combining our proprietary formulations of VCI inhibitors with some of the traditional corrosion mitigation methods currently used (cathode protection, coatings, etc.), our state-of-the-art technology offers several solutions unique and innovative. They help to combat costly corrosion problems.

Specific solutions are provided to protect the bridles, tanks and the spare parts fleet. For more information on Zerust Oil and Gas solutions, you can visit our dedicated website at www.zerust-oilgas.com


Our corrosion protection solutions for the defence industry are recognized for their performance and wide scope. Our VCI technology is used in corrosion prevention and rehabilitation of military equipment. Many Zerust-Excor products meet military specifications.

We support and advise many military technical directorates to establish corrosion prevention strategies so that they remain effective in all indoor and outdoor theatres of operation.


Corrosion damage is particularly common in marine applications. The constant salt air environment, often associated with changes in temperature and humidity, increases the risk of corrosion. We have extensive expertise in marine corrosion protection in these highly corrosive environments.

Innovative products using VCI technology are designed to protect metal from engine and battery corrosion in closed compartments.

Prevention from corrosion on electronic components

Our VCI anti-corrosion packaging products are an economical and effective way to protect electrical or electronic components and equipment from the destructive effects of copper corrosion. We offer a full range of electronic corrosion prevention products such as VCI transmitters and VCI packaging. All of these solutions have been tested and proven to provide optimal electronic protection against corrosion.

Outdoor storage and extreme environmental protection

We offer complete VCI solutions of volatile corrosion inhibitor for outdoor storage and long-term storage of metal assets. Storage often represents significant costs for businesses, our VCI solutions allow you to optimize these costs and the operation of your supply chain.

Zerust-Excor provides protection for metals under extreme conditions with VCI technology.

VCI films are ideal for shutting down and decommissioning equipment, vehicles, outdoor storage components and can be combined with ActivPak capsules® for corrosion protection, even in the most advanced environments. Extreme.

Surface cleaning and corrosion removal

Discover our solutions for recovering your corroded metal assets. With spraying, immersion and brush applications, we have the answer to your corrosion problems.

Technicians in Zerust’s field know that corrosion is a complex process with many factors. Sometimes our customers already face corrosion problems, it must be eliminated before we can treat and prevent the problem upstream. Our scientists have developed powerful solutions to remove corrosion. We offer a range of corrosion suppression technologies, ranging from pH-neutral products to more aggressive products, which also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.

Our experts also support metalworking processes with advanced surface cleaners that remove residual contaminants and stains left by metal work processes.

Contaminated or highly reactive metals? Use our solutions to control and eliminate your corrosion process.

Water treatment

The corrosion process is particularly aggressive in wastewater treatment facility environments. Our engineers have studied in depth the effectiveness of our products in these situations. The cost and disadvantages of corrosion cannot be tolerated, there is now an effective solution with Zerust-Excor.