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Our anti-corrosion products

Discover the range of corrosion protection materials containing volatile corrosion inhibitors (IVVs): Plastics, Papers, Diffusers and Liquids and Additives.

ZERUST®: Specific products made on demand
GARDAC®: All products available on stock

Liquids and additives

Applying by soaking or sprinkling, liquids and additives reinforce the VCI packaging solution if necessary.

Perigol® 100

Perigol® 100 is a solvent-free oil that is non-emulsifiable in water that protects metals from corrosion.

This oil is particularly suitable for temporary protection against corrosion of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. It can be used in addition to our Zerust® or Gardac® Valeno® and Zerust® Abrigo® packaging.
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Perigol® DW

Perigol® DW is a corrosion-protective oil that protects by direct contact.

It has a dewatering power that allows moisture residues to be removed from the metal surface.
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Perigol® 230

Perigol® 230 is a corrosion protection oil that protects by direct contact and steam phase.

Perigol oil® 230 can be applied by immersion, spraying or “brushing”.
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Spray G®

The spray-G® is a “WAX” type of grease that protects against corrosion.

It can be sprayed and protects against corrosion especially in case of outdoor storage in combination with Zerust® or Gardac products® Valeno®.
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The Z-Maxx® is an ideal grease for the protection of metal parts and components of machines and equipment subject to extreme weather conditions.

Z-Maxx® can be used for storage or in operation.
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Axxatec ™ 80C

Zerust® Axxatec ™ 80C is a water-based anti-corrosion liquid that protects ferrous metals for up to one year under cover. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. It leaves a clear and dry protective layer to the touch. Safe for painted, rubber and plastic materials.
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