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Cargosorb Pole

Cargosorb Pole is an easy-to-use desiccant that regulates moisture in containers. The ingredients – calcium chloride and modified starch bind up to 4 liters of humidity per blanket. By using Cargosorb Pole, you effectively prevent moisture damage such as fermentation, mildew, the swelling of your packaging and the loosening of label adhesives. By using Cargosorb Pole, you also prevent the formation of a corrosive environment in containers.

Cargosorb Pole

Cargosorb Pole features an impressive filling volume of calcium chloride and starch. The granulate mixture is contained in a chain of bags made of a special nonwoven membrane that allows moisture to enter. The granulate inside the bag transforms the absorbed moisture into a non-leaking gel mass. Thanks to a preinstalled hook, the sturdy corrugated cardboard enclosing the chain of bags allows fast loading of the container in question. With a total length of just 106 cm, the Pole can absorb up to 4 liters of moisture.
Its compact design ensures that the desiccant is concentrated in the upper part of the container – precisely where the container’s moisture content is highest. The Pole thus acts quickly and effectively. The trapezoidal shape is tailormade to fit the corrugations of container walls.

Avantages Cargosorb Pole

• Reduces humidity
• Prevents moisture damage
• Tailormade to fit container corrugations
• Attachment takes only seconds
• Positive effect in corrosion critical transport processes

Nous innovons constamment pour protéger toutes les industries contre la corrosion avec Cargosorb Pole

Extrait de la fiche technique Cargosorb Pole

Dimensions: 106x14x4cm
Weight: 1200g
Absorbency : 4 liters
Disposal : in accordance with local regulations
Harmless to health if used and handled according to specifications
Storage capacity : 2 years

Caractéristiques principales
Le film Zerust® Valeno® Campo® est à base de polyéthylène et est composé de 3 couches. La face extérieure blanche fait barrière aux UV. La face intérieure jaune contient les molécules VCI qui y sont intégrées.

Recevoir la fiche technique Cargosorb Pole complète


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