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Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR

Zerust®/Excor® AxxaCleanTM ICT®620-RR is an effective and safe* rust remover that recovers rusted parts. Simply soak items in the ready to use liquid to remove rust on surfaces and in hard to reach areas. Treatment time depends on the severity of the rust.

Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR

AxxaClean ICT620-RR restores parts and metals to rust-free condition*, replacing labor-intensive, abrasive cleaning that can damage surfaces and fail to remove rust from small gear teeth, crevices and other difficult to reach areas. The rust remover works by breaking the iron oxide bond and the active ingredient reacts only with iron oxide and therefore, does not harm any other metals or non-metals.
Simply soak rusty parts in ICT620-RR rust remover and rinse with deionized water. Soak time depends on the degree of rust and varies from a few minutes to a full day. After removing rust, protect metals from rusting again with Zerust VCI packaging films and papers. For corrosion prone metals such as cast iron, use a Zerust rust preventative such as AxxanolTM or AxxatecTM liquid coatings.
* Parts soaked longer than 24 hours may experience appearance changes due to carbon etching and carbon residue from the rust removal process is visible around grain boundaries and oxide inclusions

Avantages Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR

• Removes rust and tarnish without abrasion or scrubbing
• Ready to use product
• No VOC’s, CFC’s, silicones or heavy metals
• Eliminates need for complicated equipment and harsh chemicals
• Compatible with most metals, painted surfaces, rubber and elastomers
• Cleaned metals are ready to be painted or welded

Applications Types

A metal part that rusted when shipped overseas not protected with Zerust VCI packaging or rust preventatives is partially soaked in AxxaClean ICT620-RR. The surfaces immersed in the rust remover are clean and recovered.

Nous innovons constamment pour protéger toutes les industries contre la corrosion avec Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR

Extrait de la fiche technique Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR

Corrosion Removal Power : Light to medium rust, even in cracks and crevices
Speed : Slow
Metals Treated : Ferrous
Application Methods : Immersion
pH Level : Neutral pH of about 7
Temperature For Use : 21°C (70°F) or above
Compatibility (<24 hour soak) : Safe for metals*, paint, gaskets, rubber, plastics

*Test before use on zinc and cadmium. Check with your Zerust technical representative for details.

Caractéristiques principales
Le film Zerust® Valeno® Campo® est à base de polyéthylène et est composé de 3 couches. La face extérieure blanche fait barrière aux UV. La face intérieure jaune contient les molécules VCI qui y sont intégrées.

Recevoir la fiche technique Zerust AxxaClean ICT®620-RR complète


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